Perkus Maximus Crossbow Modification Kit

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What can I do with this? SInger to the game. Buff that has a effect that triggers exactly once, then it dispels itself. The MCM has several options to customize how your body will change. It also renames some journals, notes, and letters with the same purpose. Great retexture mod for daedric items with glowing and some variations.

Bodyslide is only CBBE. Magicka that hits them. Support us on Patreon! Small immersion mod that allows mercenaries to advertise their services. This was once the land where the power of the gods was said to slumber. Unlocks secondary effects when wearing full sets of certain armors. Please share any photos you may have in the support topic section. This mod adds a tax system to Skyrim, fully customisable with an MCM menu. This mod adds banners along roadsides at the boundaries of two holds. New, created from scratch and based on location, food lists in taverns. The Master Sword page is a model for the rest of wiki. Block melee weapons with your ward.

Now install this mod. Why am I not surprised. Tweaking them yourself is recommended depending on your ENB and likings. If you like to play through Dawnguard DLC, this mod is just essential. Allows you to give and administer potions to followers and companions. Unpack the eye texture into whatever folder your eye texture mod uses. Making a skill legendary does NOT reset the amount of special perks. Resolve the civil war once and for all during the Hrothgar peace talks. FNIS is the older one, which was basically the only for many years. May be slow to throw beams on slower machines.

Perkus kit maximus & For modification

Removes the explosion and projectile force for illusion spells.Does Liens Texas.

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This small tweak aims to fix that.
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It was inspired from other good games like The Witcher which make use of notice boards in their gameplay.
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Black Mage Armor is a standalone armor mod that includes Cloth, Light, and Heavy armor sets that are all craftable, enchantable, and upgradable; all sets can be used by every race, male or female.
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Arcanum is boring standing stones, this is the crossbow modifications on the perkus maximus crossbow modification kit.